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Timothy Tong

Timothy has been interested in music since he was a child. during studied in secondary school, he participated in the symphony orchestra, choir and learned guitar. He graduated from the Hong Kong School of Sacred Music, majoring in vocal music, and followed Miss Jeffie Leung, Mr YL Lo and Principal Barbara Chan to learn vocal music. He has served as a chorus member and chorus conductor successively in the church choir.  He has also successively studied the classical guitar with the master of classical guitar, Mr KH Chu, and studied the jazz guitar the master of jazz, Mr Teddy Suen.  He then obtained the eighth level of classical guitar certificate and the eighth level of music theory certificate from the Royal Academy of Music. Timothy has also participated in various concerts and musical performances. He has participated as a clarinetist in the Hong Kong Amateur Symphonic Orchestra. He has successively participated as the main singer in the large-scale musical "燃燒國度201" and  "柬約"  in Hong Kong Coliseum.

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