Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

Music Therapy Course​ 

During the music therapy sessions, music therapist holds various music activities to help caregivers unraveling possible reasons that trigger their child's emotional and behavioural disorder. Caregivers will have more understanding to their child and learn how to tackle them with the use of music. Children may respone to their caregiver's love and enhance their respect as well as interaction to achieve closer bonding and relationship.

Pop Piano / Keyboard

This course includes basic music theory, and left & right hands technique. Via different selected Chinese/Western pop songs, the students will learn about the beats, rhythm and playing technique etc.

Elementary Acoustic/Electric Guitar

This course introduces how to play pop music by acoustic guitar and the contents include introduction to different kinds of guitar, rhythm, beats and notes. The students will learn the guitar playing technique and the simple chord progressions.


This course introduces basic music theories, sight reading skills, bowing techniques and fingering are taught in the course. Teachers will make use of relaxing methods, such as ensemble in teaching bowing techniques, so as to let learners enjoy the fun of ensemble, apart from performing techniques.

Vocal / Singing

The course will teach about basic singing methods. Through different vocalizing training, teachers teach students proper vocalizing techniques. Besides, teacher will teach about basic music theories such as intonation and tempo, which help learners master skills easily and enhancing their confidence.


The course includes basic music theory and playing techniques. The practice also puts emphasis on timbre and rhythm. The students will learn various famous pieces.


The course includes learning body and hand postures. Fingering, scales and exercises. Coordination between left and right hand, finger dexterity and endurance training.