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Steven Liao

Started to learn violin with professor Mr. Zhou En Qing at the young age, Steven had entered the pre-music course from former Baptist College in 1989. In the same year, he had achieved the ATCL diploma from The Trinity of Music ,London. After the foundation from Baptist College,  he has been accepted by APA (The Academy for Performing Arts) to further study of violin. In the final, he has been awarded the Diploma in Performing Arts and the Bachelor of Music Degree (Honours).


During the school time in APA, he was studying with Professor Chen Wen Xun (Sichuang Cheng Dou Music Conservatory).  Besides, Professor Chen, he also studied with many great masters like Lin Yao Ji, Michael Ma, Katrina Rafferty, Henry Roth, Elizabeth Baker, Xiang Chen etc.


In 1996 summer, he had joint the music camp of Austria's southern city Semering Music Festival for taking part in master classes and several chamber music performances.


After graduated from APA, he had joint Hong Kong Symphony, China Phiharmonic Orchestra, Kwai Ching Youth Orchestra, Hong Kong Strings etc. Besides, he had joint the performances of Hong Kong Oratorio Society each year.


In 2012, he had joint the Hong Kong Phiharmonic orchestra's members to record the soundtrack of the commercial production of Pesi-Cola. In 2013 24Feb, he took part of second principle of Global Peace Orchestra to perform in Peacemaker's Celebration Opening Concert.


From 2014 onwards till now, he was appointed to be the 2nd Violin leader of Global Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Gustav Mak Ka Lok .


Besides the local concerts, we were proud to invited to perform in several concerts out of town. The cities included Wenzhou, Shanghai of China, Vienna of Austria.


In 2019, he has taken the masterclasses with three famous masters and well-known violinists. They are Ilya Grubert, Frederic Moreau, Shibata Yoshiaki.


Besides performing career, Liao is also an experienced violin teacher. Since 1997, he was employed as the violin instructor in music office. He also took part in teaching in several primary and secondary schools, like Good Hope girls secondary school, St. Francis Xavier primary school. Many of his students are outstanding players and being famous violin teachers and performers in Hong Kong. His students are always attained prizes and good results from music examination and competition.  


From 2018 onwards, Liao started has his teaching in the program of Music Children Foundation from Hong Kong Royal Jockey club.

Orchestras experience

The 2nd violin leader of the Global Peace Orchestra

The 2nd violin principle of Global Harmony Philharmonic Orchestra

Hong Kong Strings,

Hong Kong Symphony orchestra,

China Philharmonic Orchestra

The Music Office Instructors Orchestra

Dimanche Ensemble

HK18 Orchestra

Global Symphony Orchestra (2nd Violin principal)


Teaching Experience

Music Office , (violin and viola instructor)

Good Hope Girls Secondary School (Violin instructor)

Methodist College Violin instructor

Saint Francis Xavier Primary School (Conductor)etc

Saint Paul Convent School (Conductor)

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